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Below are articles and reviews written about the GTUL Glock disassembly and cleaning tools.

  • GTUL Slide Removal Tool

    GTUL Slide Removal Tool

    For many years, I have taught beginners basic firearms safety, handling and maintenance. One of the most popular pistols in all my classes has always been the Glock. This pistol is popular with beginners because of its impeccable reliability and ergonomic design that naturally fits so many shooters’ hands. Of course, the fact that the […]

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  • GTUL/STUL Feedback

    GTUL/STUL Feedback

    “Wow!” I put the STUL on the Glock Slide Locks and the Slide came off so easily I almost dropped it on a glass display case. I just wanted to let you know. Removing the magazine base plates are always a struggle, no matter what shape and style. The GTUL and Mag Brush combination makes […]

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    Just the right tool for the job, the new STUL – pronounced S-tool – helps you get ‘yer Glock apart. The STUL (Slide Removal Tool) allows ladies with long fingernails and guys with sausage-fingers or work-worn digits to comfortably apply even downward pressure on Glock slide-locks during disassembly. You may not think you need it […]

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  • Glock Cleaning made easy

    Glock Cleaning made easy

    By Jorge Amselle  For straighter shootin’, easier cleaning, safety and sheer comfort… In Law enforcement, the Glock series of pistols has become one of the most, if not the most, popular gun in use today. Now, thanks to GTUL, Inc. there is no excuse not to keep your Glock magazines clean. GTUL’s patented system allows […]

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