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Below are articles and reviews written about the GTUL Glock disassembly and cleaning tools.

  • GTUL Magazine Cleaning System

    GTUL Magazine Cleaning System

    Any firearm magazine is a pain to disassemble and clean, and those for Glock pistols are no exception.  As ubiquitous as the Glock pistol has become–the choice of a ton of law enforcement, military, and private citizens–the magazines get dirty and require attention. If disassembly of high-capacity Glock magazines is a pain, those “Bill Clinton” […]

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  • GTUL Glock Magazine Cleaning Tool

    GTUL Glock Magazine Cleaning Tool

    When it comes to concealed carry, I have always been partial to a small semi-automatic in a pocket holster. Of course, it’s always a good idea to train with the gun you carry, and on one trip to the range, my carry gun experienced several malfunctions. This was disconcerting enough on its own, but when […]

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  • Handy Handgunner Stuff

    Handy Handgunner Stuff

    For straighter shootin’, easier cleaning, safety and sheer comfort… Get a bucketful of Glock mags, and you could stuff a pillow with the grit, lint, threads, and dust-bunnies inside – and they were a pain to disassemble and clean. “Were,” because the GTUL makes it easy. The compressible orange frame provides a secure hold, the […]

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  • GTUL: Mag Maintenance

    GTUL: Mag Maintenance

    Magazines are the bane of any self-loading firearm. Pistols, rifles, automatic weapons–all of them turn into impact weapons without functioning magazines. Unfortunately, cleaning your magazines is among the most neglected parts of what should be routine maintenance for a firearm–especially for a defensive gun you’re relying on. As diehard Glock fans know (and as I learned while replacing factory […]

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  • Kit Up

    Kit Up

    If you are like me, you would rather get your guns dirty than spend time cleaning them.  So anything to cut down on cleaning time will always catch my eye. The GTUL (pronounced G-Tool) is one of those accessories that will make you think “why didn’t I think of that?” Luckily Greg Morando doesn’t like to […]

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