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Below are articles and reviews written about the GTUL Glock disassembly and cleaning tools.

  • The GTUL: Keeping Your Mags Clean

    The GTUL: Keeping Your Mags Clean

    Have you ever thought about what to do with those dirty magazines? No, not THOSE magazines . . . your Glock magazines. Do I have the tool for you. It’s the GTUL Magazine Cleaning System, developed by Greg Morando. The two-piece system consists of a GTUL magazine holder and magazine brush with punch on the opposite […]

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  • Nook & Cranny Cleaner

    Nook & Cranny Cleaner

    The magazine can be considered the heart and soul of a semi-automatic pistol. If the mag doesn’t work, you’re left with a rock, which can be a very nice paperweight, but is of no use for its intended purpose. While most of us are pretty good when it comes to cleaning our firearms, magazines seem to be […]

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  • FMG Inside News

    FMG Inside News

    FMG Inside News Special Editions  I also have to say thanks to Greg Morando for the GTUL he sent me to clean out magazines after they had fallen in the dust and sand — there was plenty of it! I know it was designed with Glock mags in mind, but the brush worked great on my […]

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  • How Clean Is Your Glock?

    How Clean Is Your Glock?

    Many of us overlook one very important part of our pistols when it comes to basic maintenance and cleaning–the magazine. This singular part of the pistol can be an Achilles’ heel due to the fact that it is often dropped free of the pistol onto the ground, picking up all manner of dirt and debris. For […]

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  • Tool Time

    Tool Time

    Here’s a rundown of essential items for any long-awaited “day at the range.” Magazines are important. Without them your pistol is a badly designed club. While a plain bottle brush will get the insides clean, you have to get the magazine apart before you can really scrub it. Some are easy to get apart, some […]

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  • Glock Magazine Takedown System

    Glock Magazine Takedown System

    Anyone familiar with Glock magazines knows they can be difficult to disassemble and clean. Without the use of proper tools, the can be damages during that process. Dirt and grime work their way into the magazine tube and need to be removed for 100 percent reliability. The GTUL (pronounced “G-tool”) is a patent-pending magazine takedown system […]

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