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Below are articles and reviews written about the GTUL Glock disassembly and cleaning tools.

  • Should be a Part of Every Glock Armorer’s Kit

    JULY 2009Jackson Police DepartmentJohn L. Lambert  After receiving the GTUL system from you, I immediately put it to the “test” on several Glock magazines. It works GREAT and should be a part of every Glock Armorer’s kit. I’ve been using a tool from Brownell’s for the past few years to aid in magazine disassembly, and […]

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  • Frank’s Review

    Tactical Equipment Evaluation  GTUL Glock Mag Tool / Cleaner  So… I’ve been a Glock armorer since the early ‘90s. Simple guns that work right – reliably. They aren’t difficult to disassemble or maintain with the exception of one thing: Sometimes the magazines can be a pain in the backside to get apart, clean and reassembled. The […]

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