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We make maintaining your Glock,  and all your magazines, both faster and easier.

  • GTUL is the only product on the market which works to remove both standard and extended baseplates while preserving the locking tabs.
  • Our slide removal tool for Glocks greatly improves your ability to grasp the slide lever to field strip your Glock for cleaning.
  • A magazine brush for pistols with a hardened steel punch works with all centerfire pistol magazines and can be used to field strip your Glock.  I believe it is the finest brush on the market.
  • Our rifle brush for high-capacity magazines works with both 5.56 and 7.62.  The hardened steel punch will remove the baseplate, and the brush is robust enough to clean a 40 round magazine.

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Keep Your Mags Clean With Our Glock Disassembly and Cleaning Tools

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