GTUL Gear Bag



Cordura Bag with the GTUL logo embroidered on the velcro flap.  Olive green in color accented with black piping makes the logo pop.  This 13″ x 61/2″ bag will easily store your GTUL MagBrush, all five GTULs, STUL and still have room for more.  When you have to bug out and bring your GTUL Gear with you, it will be nice to have it all in one place. These are so nice, they could double as an evening bag for that special lady in your life, but only if she has a terrific sense of humor, you are prepared to duck, and spend the rest of your life sleeping with one eye open…  So if you order two, you can’t say I did not warn you.

(not designed to fit our MTUL brush)