MTUL MagBrush for Hi Cap Rifle Mags



MagBrush for Hi capacity rifle magazines. Fits both 5.56 and 7.62.  U-shaped Brush is over nine inches long and stout enough to depress follower and magazine spring for cleaning without disassembly.  At the opposite end of the handle is a punch to disassemble magazines like the PMAG (Registered Trademark of Magpul) depicted, and long enough to clean 40 round magazines.  Designed with the Military, Law Enforcement and Three Gunners in mind,  if your magazines hit the dirt, they should be cleaned before being brought back into service.  One world class shooter training folks in a dirty, dusty environment recently told me he used it to clean the feedramp and bolt face of a number of AR’s in use by inserting it thru the magwell in addition to cleaning magazines.  There is not another brush like this on the market, put one in your range bag today.