GTUL STUL Work as Advertised

GTUL made replacing the floorplate on my G36 with Pearce grips an easy task. Ordered STUL also and find your products work as advertised, ship promptly and are price fairly. I will recommend your products to my friends.

Mike M
Ashburn, VA

This is not the first time I ordered and am still very impressed with all your products.  Your Glock related equipment is practical, easy to use, reasonably priced and makes maintaining my Glocks much simpler and efficient.  I am not young, the slide removal tool I received before Christmas makes it much easier for me and I appreciate that.

Bill P
Colorado Springs, CO
Great Product, Speedy Delivery

I was searching the Internet for a quick and painless way to disassemble and clean Glock magazines when I came across your GTUL & Mag Brush Combo. I received it today and it works perfectly. Thanks for a great product and a super-speedy delivery. I'll recommend it to all my friends.

Harry H.
San Antonio, TX
Glock 42 Combo is a Terrific Product

Got my GTUL Combo for the Glock 42. Works like a charm.  No messing with pliers, no damage to the mag, terrific product.

Larry M
Stickney, FL

IT WORKS--great tool--regular base plates, Pierce and Scherer extensions--

Lamar R.
Glencoe, MO
GTUL MagBrush 9MM

I used the tools to break down and clean 15 Glock 17 mags some from the 1980's.  It was easy and did a great job.  I am happy to support an American company.

Travis A.
Conifer, CO

Received the Slide Tool and Magazine Tool and they both work great.  When my magazines felt gritty and needed cleaning, I remembered what a pain Glock magazines were and went to You Tube.  From there I went to your website and discovered the Slide Tool.  It is refreshing to find something that works as well as these do and not cost 50 dollars each.  Thank you and keep up the good work.

Dean B
Menomonie, WI
As Advertised

Worked exactly as advertised! I can't imagine a Glock owner not wanting one. I've literally spent hours trying to disassemble Glock mags in the past, using pliers, and a vise, with little success. I've gotten them apart, but usually only after a lot of frustration and dinged up mags. Your product allowed me to take the mag apart in seconds, with no damage to the mags. Worked great, fair price, made in America, and good customer support. Can't ask for anything more.

Todd A
Port Huron MI
How Easy to Use Glock 43

I have your 9mm and 45 ACP GTULs, great products and super easy to use without damaging the floorplates.  When I needed one for my Glock 43 I went to your website, great tool and great people to do business with.  I had no idea how well they worked until I bought my first one.

Milton L
Broken Arrow, OK
GTUL, Glock 26 and Pearce

I purchased a Glock 26 and two Pearce Grip extenstions for the ten round mags last week.  My attempts at taking those little mags apart was met with unbelievable frustration.  An internet search led me to a post on GTUL and your product page.  The metal rod sticking out of the end of the handle and the magazine squeezer worked flawlessly.  When the mags need cleaning I am sure the brush will be a worthy foe against dust and debris.  Believe it or not I almost used a C-Clamp, thanks for such a wonderful product.

Michael P
Garfield Heights, OH

The magazine brush for 7.62 (and 5.56) seems well built and the brush fine enough to scrub away carbon desposits as well as cleaning out bigger stuff like dirt, thanks.

Jason C
Seattle WA
Totally Satisfied

Wow! Cleaned my range mags. w/ease. Totally satisfied w/your product. The GTUL is easy and efficient to use. Thanks for making magazine cleaning an easy process - finally.

Nic M
Portland, MI
9mm/40S&W GTUL Mag Brush Combo

It was a real hassle to remove the bottom plates to clean my Glock magazines.  I did some reseach online and saw how easy it was to do using GTUL and I purchased it direct.  When it arrived, with GTUL and the clear instructions I was able to disassemble my first magazine in seconds.  I think my local dealer should carry GTUL.

Luis B
Phoenix AZ
Amazed With the Mega Combo

I have not been able to disassemble my California 10 rounders for a while.  Did a Google search and saw a You Tube video by PTRJason and was AMAZED how easily he disassembled the 10 rd magazine.  Shortly after I ordered my own and have been able to disassemble and assemble my magazine multiple times. Count on my recommendation.

Julian S
Diamond Bar CA
Glock 22 and GTUL

I love this tool, I've had a Glock 22 for a few years and have never been able to get the ten round magazines apart.  Got the package in the mail and with in a minute I had all three magazines taken apart.  Great tool.

Jason R
Foster City, CA
Simple Yet Effective

Thanks for an outstanding product that was processed and delivered quickly. Makes disassembly and cleaning an easy task. I am surprised how simple yet effective it is.

Ben A.
Lemoore, CA
Essential Part of My Cleaning Kit

The 9mm/40S&W GTUL and MagBrush Combo I ordered came in today and I couldn't be more satisfied. The two Glock magazines I'd struggled with for hours to no avail came right open for easy cleaning in seconds. This tool is amazing and will now be an essential part of my firearms cleaning kit.

Bobby J
Austin, TX
Better Late than Never

Glocks are my favorite guns but Glock mags are my least favorite. I tried locking pliers, a vice with small pieces of plastic, and generally wound up ripping the baseplate off with a small screwdriver. I was highly skeptical of GTUL but tried it on a G22 10 rounder and was amazed at how easily the plate came off. So I thought "Hah, let's see if it works on a baby Glock!" Danged if that one didn't pop right off as well. It took me hours to install extended baseplates on all of the mags for my G26 and 27 by hook or by crook. It would have taken me minutes to do it with a GTUL. Better late than never but I wish I'd found this thing years ago.

Tom P.
GTUL is Simple

GTUL allows me with arthritic hands to dismantle my mags without marring and is much easier than other methods. GTUL automatically puts your hands in the proper position to safely take your mags apart and is priced fairly.

Parowan, UT

I have 4 mags, got them all disassembled, cleaned and reassembled in less than 15 minutes! UNREAL! Up until today I haven't taken the mags down since I purchased them 4 years ago. I tried and tried the internet instructions posted for these Clinton mags, but, never got it opened. Until I used your tool. Excellent tool! I found out about the GTUL from a guy on YouTube. Very helpful video.

Allen L
Honolulu, HI