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STUL- Slide Removal Tool for Glocks

STUL is a slide removal tool that will fit all Glock models, with both standard and extended slide locks.  If you have difficulty grasping the slide lock on your Glock, this can make it easy for you.

Always wear safety glasses prior to disassembling your firearm.  Remove the magazine, digitally and visually inspect the chamber to ensure the gun is empty, point in a safe direction and pull the trigger.

Place STUL on your Glock so it engages the slide lock on both sides.  Pull the slide back slightly and then squeeze the legs of STUL and pull down to release the slide.

If you pull the slide back too far and reset the trigger, you will be unable to remove the slide.  You will need to start again by ensuring the weapon is empty and pointed in a safe direction then pulling the trigger to start the sequence again.

The GTUL MagBrush can be used to clean the magazine well, and has a punch that is stout enough to remove the pins and locking block of your Glock if you wish to field strip your weapon to clean.  See owner’s manual for complete directions.

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