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GTUL Slide Removal Tool

For many years, I have taught beginners basic firearms safety, handling and maintenance. One of the most popular pistols in all my classes has always been the Glock. This pistol is popular with beginners because of its impeccable reliability and ergonomic design that naturally fits so many shooters’ hands.

Of course, the fact that the Glock also has a no-nonsense utilitarian design without a lot of levers and buttons to have to master also attracts beginners — as does its excellent and consistent trigger, which makes it easy for beginners to master and place shots on target. The only slight complication I have noticed with the Glock is in its disassembly procedure. I have had people in my beginner pistol classes who have small or weak hands, making it somewhat difficult to take the pistol apart.

Now thanks to the STUL, or Slide Removal Tool, a simple yellow polymer device, these shooters can service their Glocks with ease. The STUL slips onto the frame of the pistol and holds on with tension right on top of the two very small takedown tabs. Rather than using the tips of your thumb and index finger to pull down these tabs, all while holding the slide slightly to the rear, the STUL gives the user a much wider and firmer hold, making it significantly easier. The STUL fits all Glock models and is a welcome addition in any range bag or cleaning kit for Glock owners. For more information, visit or call 757-647-0805.