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How Clean Is Your Glock?

Many of us overlook one very important part of our pistols when it comes to basic maintenance and cleaning–the magazine. This singular part of the pistol can be an

Achilles’ heel due to the fact that it is often dropped free of the pistol onto the ground, picking up all manner of dirt and debris.

For Glock owners, there is a solution, and a rather ingenious one at that. The GTUL and Mag Brush Combo Kit, a cost-effective and simple tool kit intended for use by LE officers, competitive shooters and anyone who demands a smooth and hassle-free ammunition feeding.

Designed for 9mm and .40 S&W Glock magazines and compatible with Generation I, II, III and IV variants, the kit is made up of the U-shaped GTUL and a nylon magazine brush with an integral punch at the base of its grip. Used togeter, both of these tools make the tricky job of disassembling and cleaning a Glock magazine incredibly easy.

Step 1: Before beginning, make sure you are wearing eye protection and that your Glock pistol is clear. Remove the magazine and slip the red, synthetic U-shaped GTUL over the top and down the body of the magazine. Ensure that the markings on the GTUL are facing up and that the magazine’s front face is facing downward and away from the open part of the GTUL. 

Step 2: While firmly holding the magazine in your support hand, take the magazine brush and use the punch on its base to fully depress the magazine’s retaining button on the bottom of the floorplate. Using your support hand to squeeze together the sides of the GTUL, pull downward with the magazine brush/pistol to pull down the floorplate until a small portion of the magazine spring is shown. At this point, set down the magazine brush and use your thumb to capture the spring as you slowly remove the floorplate. Be careful as the spring is quite powerful.

Step 3: You have now pulled out the retaining pin plate, spring and follower. You can now use the nylon-bristled brush to thoroughly clean out the inside of the magazine body as well as the other assorted parts. Reassemble the magazine in reverse order, and make sure that you do not lubricate the inside of the magazine body or the follower.

The charm of the GTUL is that it ensures that you apply the proper force to the magazine in the correct location, minimizing the chances of damage. For those with 9mm and .40 S&W Glock pistols who may not have paid the proper amount of attention to their magazines, the GTUL and Mag Brush Combo Kit would be a terrific addition to their tool kit. Find out more at: GTUL LLC, 6275 University Dr, Ste 37, Dept GW/LE, Huntsville, AL 35806; 757-647-0805;