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Should be a Part of Every Glock Armorer’s Kit

JULY 2009
Jackson Police Department
John L. Lambert 

After receiving the GTUL system from you, I immediately put it to the “test” on several Glock magazines. It works GREAT and should be a part of every Glock Armorer’s kit. I’ve been using a tool from Brownell’s for the past few years to aid in magazine disassembly, and your system beats it hands-down.

I’m one of four or five armorers here for my Department charged with the general maintenance of approximately two-hundred and fifty Glocks. Your GTUL makes short work of what has been a pain! In addition, I do Glock work for other agencies on occasion, plus some private citizens, esp. the addition of “finger rest” baseplates on the baby Glocks. I say all of this to simply say “Thanks!” for a GREAT product!

Lt. John L. Lambert
Jackson Police Department
P.O. Box 2587
Jackson, TN 3802-2587