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The GTUL: Keeping Your Mags Clean

Have you ever thought about what to do with those dirty magazines? No, not THOSE magazines . . . your Glock magazines. Do I have the tool for you. It’s the GTUL Magazine Cleaning System, developed by Greg Morando.

The two-piece system consists of a GTUL magazine holder and magazine brush with punch on the opposite end. Using the system is fairly straightforward, but does take a bit of elbow grease, and a little practice.

I met Greg at the USPSA Area 6 Regional Match in April 2009 while volunteering to work the vendor tables. Greg had just started marketing the GTUL and was traveling to state and area matches to get a foothold in the marketplace. Of course, I had to buy one for my husband so he could clean my mags!

In one short year, after countless hours of hard work and many, many miles, Greg has propelled the GTUL to its rightful place in the firearms accessories category. His invention has been showcased on The Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA,

and has been reviewed in the NRA’s monthly magazine American Rifleman.

We ran into Greg again at the Alabama USPSA State Match, and learned that the GTUL will be available at MidwayUSA in the near future. But best of all is that the GTUL is available in pink—a recommendation made by Greg’s daughter Angela, not me! Greg considers Angela his vice president, as she has assisted him with many tasks, including marketing, product packaging and sales.

Using the GTUL is very simple, and I can attest to this myself. After shooting a match at Cherokee Gun Club recently, I ended up with muddy Glock mags, and there was no way I was putting those back in my Glock 17! Time to learn how to clean my mags.

Step 1: Insert the magazine into the GTUL with the open end at the top.

Step 2: Push the punch downward and forward of the retaining pin until it can go no further, then squeeze the legs of the GTUL to release the locking tabs. Now pull the handle of the brush forward and begin to slide the floorplate off, just until the spring is visible.

Step 3: Remove the punch, and with the thumb of your support hand, hold the spring (to keep it from flying across the room!) and carefully slide off the end cap. Set aside.

Step 4: Remove the GTUL from around the mag and set aside. Use the brush to clean the mag, both inside and out. Brush off the spring as well.

Step 5: Replace the spring inside the mag and hold in place with your support hand, along with the spring guard (small black, notched piece) and press down with your thumb as you guide the end cap back into place with your dominant hand, making sure to line up the grooves on the sides so that the end cap seats firmly on the end of the mag. Slide all the way to the locked position (when the notch pops into the hole on the end cap).

Step 6: Relabel and number your mags. NOTE: This is something my husband taught me to do so that (a) I can keep up with all my mags; (b) if I have an issue with a magazine, I know which one it is; and (c) I know which mags are mine at a match. Until I can paint them pink, writing my name on them in silver Sharpie will have to suffice.

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