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How to Disassemble and Clean Glock Magazines

GTUL is a simple, rugged and effective tool that will make cleaning your Glock magazines easy.  It is the only device on the market that will work with both standard and extended floorplates.

Always wear safety glasses during disassembly and start with an empty magazine. Place GTUL on the magazine logo side up, with the open end in line with the witness holes.  Fully insert the punch downward and forward of the retaining pin, and then squeeze the legs of GTUL to disengage the locking tabs.  Leverage the punch towards you to remove the floorplate.  Cover the inner floorplate, spring and follower with your thumb to capture them.  Remove and clean your magazine, spring, and follower with the GTUL MagBrush.  Make this frustrating task fast, simple and easy, we have a GTUL for every Glock model.

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